Monday, August 15, 2011

some online purchases

I never buy clothes online. Charity shop is, by far, my preferred source for clothing. On the other hand, I like to order gadgets that will make my life more enjoyable, especially life on the run, commuting from one place to another. This is what I've purchased lately via online stores:


Nomadic Wise-Walker mini backpack (a lot of compartments for my stuff, but not as comfortable as I thought, and don't like the shape of it when the bag is at its fullest)

Klean Kanteen stainless water bottle (since it's high-quality steel, it feels a little bit bulky and heavy in a purse or a bag)

Built lunch bag (because the fabric is kind of expendable, I can put lots of stuff in it and the zipper can still be fully closed)
Contigo leak-free travel coffee mug (love the fact I don't have to worry about spilling my coffee and it keeps it warm for many hours)

Nomadic pencil case: can carry a lot of pens, but if I knew that the pencil case tends to fall on the front side when full, I wouldn't have bought it.


  1. I find online shopping a bit hit-and-miss. Really do want this, though:

    K xx

  2. Such a cute travel coffee mug! Love it!

  3. ah a backpack! soo much better than a handbad, I can´t live without mine!

  4. Your quote on

    Ponytail Girl said...
    Well done for curating such lovely things!

    "Curating"... haha don't make me laugh, love! These items were DONATED, because Mint is no more than a glorified Oxfam shop.

    Believe me, I know this as fact...


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