Wednesday, August 17, 2011

saturday at the museum

This last Saturday was spent at the museum for the fashion exhibition of Jean-Paul Gaultier's lifetime collection. Being able to look so closely to his main work, I was flabbergasted by all the beautiful details and craftsmanship. I will certainly share with you some pictures I took later this week!

I own many bags, but this vintage leather shoulder bag has to be one of the most comfortable and convenient.

A simple outfit to wander around the bustling city. I'm wearing an oversize vintage breton shirt tucked in a high-waisted shorts. Otherwise, the bagginess of the shirt could easily run out of control!

After the exhibition, I was putting on my newly bought nail polish while drinking and chatting at a friend's place. We also cooked some barbecue veal steaks for dinner. It was soooooo delicious!


  1. Effortlessly beautiful outfit! I also love that ruby red nail polish! Great blog!

  2. you must share more pictures, sound absolutely incredible. love this simple no fuss getup. can't go wrong with some stripes.


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