Friday, August 19, 2011

on drawing

I thought I'd share the very few portraits I did in my spare time many, many years ago. The illustrations are chronologically ordered from the oldest to the most recent and they are based on photos found in Vogue USA or Harper's Bazaar magazines.

     There's not much I can say about my illustrations beside the fact that I would not considered them like a form of art. I see myself more like a "printer"—very mechanical and zero creativeness: adding different levels of gray and black on a blank paper in order to form an already existing image, but not at the speed of a laser printer though, not even an inkjet one... My productivity's rate is more likely a closer match to those of the dinosaures' era low resolution dot matrix printers! In all seriousness, it takes me FOREVER to finish a portrait. Sadly, maybe for this reason, I haven't done much of drawing for the last three years. 

1. Nadja Auermann

2. Kate Moss

3. Nadja Auermann

4. Shalom Harlow

5. Angela Lindvall

6. Jessica Stam
Illustrations by me
Original photos from Vogue USA and Harper's Bazaar


  1. wow. these are incredible even if you say the process is more mechanical than creative they are nothing short of inspirational. the one of kate moss and angela lindvall, blow my mind into a thousand fragments.

  2. My goodness you are talented! I love to sketch but my process is all about free lines and unclean edges. In fact, my little blogger avatar was a scribble I did. I admire your mechanical process and exactness. These are fantastic.

  3. I'm happy to know you like them. Thank you!

  4. wow these are brilliant!!! What do you do with them when you finish them? x


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