Saturday, August 20, 2011

hello sunshine

Just got these vibrant yellow items to brighten up my mornings.

And here are some facts about my breakfast rituals:

1. I like to flood and drown my poor cereals in milk before swallowing them into oblivion. Therefore, this Pyrex bowl has the perfect shape and depth for my morning murderous ritual.
2. When preparing fresh orange juice with this basic vintage Gemco juice presser,
 my arms get in shape with all the pressing and turning.
3. I enjoy watching every drop of orange juice pressed into the bottom
glass part of the juicer. So much more fun than the raindrops falling against my window.


Have a nice week-end everyone!
pyrex vintage bowl
vintage gemco juicer


  1. You're a cereal killer! ...sorry

    K xx

  2. Haha! That is actually funny, don't be sorry, lol! xox

  3. I guess you're not one for the perfect milk to cereal ratio ;) I like the sunny yellow, its a cheerful note to start the day.


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