Thursday, August 25, 2011

the fall of the scarves

Beside my beloved fox scarf, I have a small collection of vintage scarves with different colours and patterns. They are like pieces of art to me. My favorite one has to be the red unicorn surrounded by cute little animals. I'm definitely planning to put this silk scarf behind glass, in a wooden frame, and use it as an ornament.

The following images are a consequence of me being bored and feeling the need to do something creative. Therefore, I decided to capture my scarves in an artistic way, by letting them fall freely from the air. I hope you like this mini photo series. Feel free to tell me which scarf you like most!


  1. Love these patterns and it's perfect for Fall :)

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. I have to say no5 (paisley) is my favourite... because I have its exact replica. It's so strange when this happens with vintage!

  3. wow, those are absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. you own a wonderful assortment of scarves, that I envy just a tad ;) the pony one is my favourite, the colours are so rich against the navy. I like the scarf display.


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