Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All thrifted

It has been so long since the last post. I guess I get sidetracked too easily. A little update wouldn't hurt. :)

Since this Spring, I didn't spend as much time at charity shops and thrift stores as I used to do. Fashion-wise, vintage clothes is slowly growing out of me because nowadays, you can put up a vintage look with clothes bought from any chain stores. These chain stores are taking away the very essence of vintage and are turning it into a commercial concept, a fast-consumption product where the concept of time is non existent. Well, all I wanted to say is that I don't feel the need to express my love of vintage through my fashion sense anymore. And honestly, I notice that nowadays it's more easy to stand out from the crowds by wearing "normal" clothes than "quirky" ones. This being said, I can wait to share the photos of my new finds, a vintage Fendi purse and a black and white Chanel vest!


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