Saturday, January 8, 2011

wool, lace and leather

This afternoon, I went to an informal event held by some friends of mine. The belt on the first photo makes the outfit a little bit too dressy, therefore I dismissed it but kept everything else.

shirt: h&m
lace vest: oxford circus
leather belt: vintage
wool skirt: vintage and thrifted
tights: dkny
leather boots: not sure if they are vintage, but definitely thrifted


  1. love this. the skirt is so great, and the crotchet cardi is wonderful. great dark layering.

  2. I definitely like it without the belt :) Love black and navy too.


  3. You looked stunning in these photos. I love your outfit. I adore your belt and your knitted cardigan. I can't help but notice your beautiful hair. You're indeed an inspiration! :)


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