Sunday, January 16, 2011

denim therapy

The mess as a backdrop for an outfit post is definitely not the best option... I think I was in the middle of cleaning up my wardrobe when this photobooth picture was taken. So yeah, welcome to my never ending battlefield! 

Another favourite vintage item of mine is the rich deep brown reptilian leather purse. A little old but the quality is exceptional. The denim shirt (a must-have in any wardrobe) is from Calvin Klein Jeans and the pants are the same one found on all my other outfit posts. Do I own more pants other than this one? YES. Do I ever wear them? NO (but I'll try).

Hope you all had a great week! Mine was very exciting! The feeling of being a full time student again is quite uplifting, especially when I'm learning stuff I'm very fond of. 


  1. you pull off the double denim look perfectly! x

  2. denim shirts are the absolute coolest. the outfit is wonderful. your bag is another one of those "coolest" items.

  3. I love everything on your outfit ! :)



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