Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a vintage coat with a perfect fit

This cute 1960s A-line vintage coat could be considered one of my best finds. Most of the time, vintage coats from charity shops are too big for me but this one fits me well like it was especially hand-tailored for my body. It's just roomy enough to layer a wide variety of clothes underneath according to the climate. Versatility is key when having to deal with a four-season climate and if there's one thing I can do to avoid over-consumption, it's to make sure that my clothes can me worn all year long instead of having a different set of clothes for each season. A three-season wardrobe is probably more realistic since summer and its high temperatures could be quite limitative sometimes. As I am looking at these pictures while writing this post, I can't believe how alien it feels to see green grass because everywhere around me is now covered with snow. This winter's going to be a long one, I'm afraid.
photos by Philippe Fortin


  1. i second that, and with impeccable taste.

  2. I love this outfit so much! The scarf and the coat are great. You look gorgeous!

  3. the coat is gorgeous, and i love everything else too - where are the tights from? x

  4. Thank you all for your nice comments. You rock this blog, therefore my world! ;)
    head over heels: I'm afraid I won't be any help for the tights because I got it as a gift from my brother who brought them from his China trip.

  5. That coat is so cute and quirky! Love it

  6. What you said about a three-season wardrobe really struck a chord with me; I've written a follow-up post on my blog musing about it. I would love to hear more of your thoughts on it!

    That is a glorious coat. Good find!


  7. i can see why its your "best find", im sure you'll be receiving oodles upon oodles of compliments for this piece. the pics are so great, the one where your leaning to the side is wonderful.

  8. A.n.E: Quirky is exactly the word I was looking for, didn't know it until you mentioned it. Thanx!

    Kate: That's awesome! It's so rewarding to know that people can feel related to the little things I wrote and can go even further with the idea. It's like a conversation!

    sojourned in style: Thank you! And about receiving compliments related to what I wear from people I encounter, I have this really stupid reflex to reply back "Oh thank you and it just cost me *insert the price here*"! I'm kind of lame... :D

  9. I absolutely agree with you. I often read annoying articles in fashion magazines about putting aside winter clothes and taking out summer clothes from boxes. Sounds like a big and needless job to me. There are so many garments that can be worn all year long..

  10. love that jacket and those boots compliment it so well
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