Monday, December 6, 2010

out of the hood

These photos were shot a month ago, before real nasty winter cold had time to settle in. For the purpose, I brought along two main garments to wear: a thrifted hooded cape and a vintage coat from the 60's (that I'll post later on). As a first experience, shooting this with my friend Phil was real fun.

     The past few months, my collection of thrifted capes have grown considerably, and this is bad, very bad news because I don't wear capes in "real life" which means that keeping buying them is nothing else than a symptom of my fashion-hoarder manic disorder. In my opinion, capes are most charming on women's body and fully deserve to be categorized as classy clothing. Combined with body's movements, a cape is able to express so much fluidity, refined elegance, femininity and poetry—a reason good enough for me to wear them in "real life". Unfortunately, I tend to shy away from wearing clothes that are too much of an attention-grabber or that diverge from "normality". Yeah...people around me normally don't wear capes unless it's Halloween and want to disguise themselves as Little Red Riding Hood, or a goth/vampire/superhero, or...super (sexy) Neo from The Matrix. In other words, most of my everyday outfits revolve around blending in with my environment instead of fully expressing my inner fashion eccentricity. Isn't it sad? I think so too. But this is why I have this blog: to have fun and to help myself figuring out a way of finding the perfect balance between normality and eccentricity. I guess I'm a fashion-coward who longs to be fashion-forward.
cape - les ailes de la mode
chunky wool scarf - no brand (i knitted myself)
cashmere turtleneck sweater - vintage
minishorts - foxy jeans co.
black tights - don't know (was given as a gift)
brown leather boots - vintage

photos by Philippe Fortin


  1. gahhh i love everything! hood, scarf, boots, *dies* thought it was out of some editorial for a few moments.

  2. Lovely! The cape looks great paired with the chunky snood, and that pic of you jumping is amazing! Sally x

  3. Love the first pic:D

  4. this cape is absolutely gorgeous, you should definitely wear it in 'real life'! love your snood too - in fact your style is fab! following :) x

  5. Your enthusiasm toward the photos and the overall styling is so contagious. I'll make sure my friend Phil knows about it. Love you all! xox

  6. love love love the cape, especially since it's paired with the chunky scarf. great combination, girl. :)


  7. I hope you will wear this cape more often. It's a great piece!

  8. Crystal: Right now, it's nearly impossible because of BIG snowstorms going on, but will definitely give it a try when temperature will be more favorable. :)

  9. first off, you look wonderful and very "fashion forward." the styling and shots themselves are intensely amazing. secondly i completely understand your wanting to assimilate to what others wear, beacuasue I do it too. Im no stranger to trying to be normal. It is hard when your trying to let your inner fashionbeast our but tame it in fear. I to want to overcome this and hope you do too, you have too much style not too :)

  10. sojourned in style: thank you so much for your kind words, and yeah, let's do this together!

  11. Linh! If I had your long slender legs, I would ROCK so many new styles, and a CAPE would totally be one of them. Wonderful blog, and WONDERFUL photos!


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