Friday, December 17, 2010

martine fait ses courses - part 2

I'm officially on vacation now! Here are the scans of the remaining part of the children book as promised. Now that free time is not a rare luxury for me, I'll find the courage to clean up my ultra messy bedroom where all the spaces have been plagued with the STACKS disease: stack of clothes, stack of dirty laundry, stack of books, stack of unsorted papers and bills, stack of magazines, stack of coffee mugs, stack of shopping bags, and so on... quite scary and embarrassing when comes the time for me to try taking some decent indoor outfit photos for this blog. That explains why I haven't done that many...

     Have a great weekend everyone and since a lot of people will be doing their Christmas shopping, please shop wisely and may the force be with you to not succumb to impulsive purchases! ;)

(click on the thumbnails to see the high resolution version)

"Martine fait ses courses"
Published by Casterman
Text by Gilbert Delahaye
Illustrations by Marcel Marlier
(Scans by me)


  1. can peter pan collars be any cuter? i love the full bell like shape of pea coats and the day shifts. wonderful.

  2. these scans are fantastic! thank you so much for uploading them.

    the color schemes are so inspirational.

    sincerely, M

  3. sojourned in style: yeah me too, I'm in love with the little cute peacoats!

    M: i'm glad you liked them and you're so right about the colors, a good reference of pastels and such.


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