Monday, December 13, 2010

martine fait ses courses - part 1

Today's post is a departure from the rock'n roll's fashionable "trashiness" found in the previous one. Here's a vintage children illustrated book printed in 1964 from the well-known publisher Casterman. Flipping through the pages is like going back in time... How wonderful it is to discover a shopping experience set in the sixties!

     A glimpse of the cute drawings gives a realistic idea of the fashion style that had characterized the women of that specific time. The artist behind these illustrations successfully captured the essence of an era defined by polished manners and tastes. Judging by this book, it looks like women in the past put a good amount of effort to have incredibly great looking hairstyles too. It's a shame it's no longer an usual habit to go out with our hair perfectly well-groomed (mine is a DISASTER), except for a handful of elderly ladies whom I come across sometimes and who look pretty much like the young ladies presented here but only now their hair are silver-white.

     Though only half of the book is shown here, I hope you'll enjoy this blast from the past! I'll scan the remaining part later on this week. One more school's assignment and exam to focus on and I'm done for this semester!

 (click on the thumbnails to see the high resolution version)
"Martine fait ses courses"
Published by Casterman
Text by Gilbert Delahaye
Illustrations by Marcel Marlier
(Scans by me)


  1. adore the peacoats and fur collared jackets. i like that they put in so much effort, but at the same time I wouldnt be able to maintain sucha routine, laziness pure lazinesss.

  2. yessss, this is awesome! the illustrations in these books are a neverending source of inspiration for me. i'm definitely saving a few of these for future reference. thanks so much for sharing!


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