Saturday, December 11, 2010

karen o and the yeah yeah yeahs

How many times did you go to a gig and fell instantly in love with the band who did the opening act of someone more famous? For me, it only happened once. Wanna try a guess? That's right, it's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I included the video above not because I wanted to showcase the drop-dead gorgeous red dress designed by Christian Joy (a long-time partner in crime for all the costumes), nor the beautiful perfect hair and make-up adorned by frontwoman, Karen Orzolek ;-) but because underneath all these accessories of rock'n roll coolness, there's actually a woman who's genuinely rock'n roll badass and who's supported by two other talented members—creating a band who possesses the right mixture of visual and musical photogenicity. (It's okay if what I just wrote doesn't make any sense. No offense taken, haha!)

     This video doesn't really do justice to what the band is capable of live on stage. Back in 2003, Yeah Yeah Yeahs were opening for Björk's concert and I was utterly blown away by the energy Karen O deployed on stage with such inhibited free spirit. The rawness of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' act felt authentic and audience could feel that the trio were having fun doing their thing. On top of that, their album at that moment, Fever to Tell, in my opinion, couldn't be pinpointed with any weakness; each of the songs was so badass (sorry I couldn't come up with another word than 'badass' again). The next day after the gig, I was heading straight up to HMV to buy their album. So this is how I discovered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs: live on stage. If you like their music but never attended one of their live concerts, I strongly suggest you to do so when the opportunity comes. The band might have lost a little bit of its early career's punk rock sound but the live performance is still worth every of your pennies.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Brian Chase, Karen O and Nick Zinner.
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