Wednesday, December 22, 2010

in the changing room

I'm wearing a thrifted dress, which is one size too big for me, over a pair of grey tights. Luckily, a lot of minor fitting problems can be easily fixed with a thin belt around the waist. The cashmere blend tights is my most recent purchase, the only essential item that is missing from my cluttered wardrobe. Since it's an "essential" item for winter and since sales were going on in the store, I bought three pairs (two black and one grey). Let's talk about how to increase unneeded clutter in my closet and how to bust my budget, haha.

     This season, I'm seriously thinking about giving my poor skinny black pants a well-deserved vacation because I've been abusively wearing them non-stop ever since I bought them last spring. Hailed from god-knows-where emergent asian country, then adopted by a prosperous swedish family who sells their adoptive babies for little money, those extremely versatile skinny pants end up working their butt off and putting themselves at high risk of burnout just for the sake of making me look good and stylish. Meanwhile, I'm turning into one lazy wannabe fashionista who doesn't put more thoughts on finding new ways of styling my clothes. I definitely want to come up with more exciting and challenging outfits than a plain top paired with black skinny pants. I do love simplicity but there is such a thin line between simplicity and being plain boring. I rather not cross that line if given the choice...
dress: zara
leather belt: vintage
tights: hue
satchel bag: mouflon
suede leather winter boots: la canadienne
photos by Philippe Fortin


  1. wonderful dress, i like how its loose and the thin belt. i get what you mean with simplicty, i too feel like i exhaust the use out of said garment piece to the point of no return..

  2. i love these photographs, especically the second and third shots! your skinny belt and satchel are lovely. xx


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