Thursday, December 2, 2010

house of cards

Instead of working on a school assignment due tomorrow, I got inspirationally distracted by one of Faye Wong's fabulous look (circa 1997) and The XX, and decided to make a little collage to showcase some of my favourite runway photos of Comme des Garçons Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection found on Style[dot]Com
Faye Wong is wearing a velvet coat by Yohji Yamamoto

     Although I'm more than willing to forget my selfish self and pour my heart out to this awesome collection just to get my feverish hand on one or two pieces, a quick reality check tells me that I can only drool over them in front of my computer screen. Money can buy you stuff, not love sadly. To get up-close and personal with my impossible "lovers", the closest thing I can come up with is to mega zoom in (i.e. at least 300%) and do some extreme decoupage out of them. I concede it's a platonic relationship between the clothes and me here, but it could be an eye-opening experience too. I don't know about you, but when it comes to images on the web, I tend to glance at pictures at the speed of light. It's like a race of clicking mouses. Who knows, maybe the astronomical amount of pictures circulating on the web got me afflicted with an attention-deficit syndrome... By making this collage in Photoshop, I had the time to meditate on the clothes and by zooming in, the photos reveal some little details that wouldn't and couldn't be appreciated otherwise (but if the real clothes are in my closet, that's another story). So, what are the deep and intellectual thoughts about this collection I meditated on while procrastinating...I mean...working on the collage?

I want all the shoes worn by the models, which makes me realize how materialistic and shallow I am.

In a hypothetical world, if I get the chance to pick "only 5" items from the collection, it would be the:
  1. asymmetrical black and white checkered coat (because it reminds me of Yohji Yamamoto's coat worn by Faye Wong more than a decade ago)
  2. long black blazer (at first, I didn't notice that the buttons and buttonholes part is completely absent from the blazer, now I can't get my eyes off this blazer, the cut is so edgy)
  3. asymmetrical cropped blazer (ideally I would own 3 samples of them, one kept as-is and two more in order to cut the blazers in half and sew them back with the matching half... anything asymmetrical is not appealing to my dear boyfriend)
  4. little short black dress with giant belt (all 3 of them please: matte, super shiny, and leather finish, there is no such thing as having too many black dresses, any girl will agree on this)
  5. trenchcoat-skirt (the big real existential question I'd like to address to the genius behind all this is: Could it be worn upside-down as a real trenchcoat madame Kawakubo?).
If Buddhists and Hindus have their own mantra "AUM",
fervent admirers of Comme des Garçons' mantra sounds more like a drooling "AWESOME".


(click on the image for higher resolution)


  1. these are such cool looks! black and white perfection <3


  2. wow wow wow I love this collection. Its funny because I don't really see myself as a CdG girl (can't really pull it off) but that doesn't stop me from wanting the pieces all the same..

    and Fayewong is ofcourse <3

  3. Nice collages! This is a very inspiring collection, indeed, though if I wore that big belt I'd look like a turn of the century Parisian dance hall gal, meaning, ridiculously small waist.I most like the corset featured in the 2nd collage, and mismatched blazer in the 3rd collage. I could have sworn that I left you a comment on another post (the green sweater post) expressing my jealousy over the CDC skirt you found at the thrift store, but I don't see it.


    Crystal Lee

  4. @Miss Woo: You've got a point there, because me too, i can't really pull it off either, well not the total look for sure! One or two pieces won't hurt though. :D
    @Crystal: Haha! I can imagine you being lost in that dress, but you're lucky to have such a svelte figure. I've never seen the comment too, but no worry, got the message now. :)

  5. Thanks! I'm in school right now - learning how to sew, how to make collections, etc. You've got great style, I can tell. ;) I love those pictures of Scarlett Johansson, especially the one with the green skirt.

  6. wow cool designs. thanks for sharing

    thanks for your sweet comment btw!



    new outfit post on my blog too :)

  7. humourous and wittty. i likee!!!! your a great writerrr and your accompanying visuals show another facet of your seemminlgy multi-facted self, i see that your pro with your phootshop skills coming out with those collages.


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