Monday, December 20, 2010

grunge & glory

This fashion editorial was shot by Steven Meisel in 1992 for the December issue of Vogue USA. That makes it eighteen years old, but nonetheless relevant and inspiring.
     I've always found the characters in this fashion spread looking so damn intriguing and beautiful! Just like Charles Beaudelaire famous quote: "Le beau est toujours bizarre.", the models' expressionless face looking into the photographer's camera with an almost defiant-like stare, their imperfect facial features revealed by unforgivable harsh daylight, exposing creases in cheekbones, eyebrows and forehead, their body drown in layers of odd fabrics... are not your typical criteria of what beauty should be. And yet I find myself unable not to stare back at them, finding endless beauty in what I see (regardless that they are actually supermodels and would look good no matter what).
     Style wise, I love the way the clothes, here, are thrown together with such carelessness. Without having necessarily the same kind of clothes for myself, I would definitely try to transpose this effortless styling mindset into my everyday outfits. How I wished I could own a nice pair of black leather combat boots and a flower print long dress though!
Vogue USA
December 1992
Photos by Steven Meisel
(Scans by me)


  1. Thanks for sharing tis editorial! Its such great stuff when old eds are yet still so inspiring and totally relevant this day! Love it.

  2. its surprising how new things seem until you revisit the past. i love the carelessness of these grungy layers. coolnesss.

  3. I have this copy of Vogue! I kept it for exactly this shoot. I have to be careful about how often I revisit it as I start to get "maybe I should get bangs" thoughts. Dangerous! :)

  4. Lady Jane: That's great, I love this issue! The bangs are indeed very tempting!


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