Saturday, December 4, 2010

comme des garçons - part I

I found this Comme des Garçons skirt in a thrift-shop negligently left by itself on a rack used for the display of purses and handbags. It seems like somebody had it in her hands and decided finally not to buy it. (Lucky me!)
     After digging out this gem, my thrifty instinct told me that a charitable lady with great taste must have decided to departed with her high fashion clothing collection like this CDG skirt and given them to this favourite charity-shop of mine. Therefore, I MUST peruse every single rack of clothes in order to find the remaining clothes from her closet left in the store. I know I've gotten a silly idea there, but sometimes I can be crazy enough to act upon my thoughts. So, I DID look through ALL the women clothes in the store. In the end, my patience was rewarded by nothing less than a Balenciaga black and white wool sweater...

     Even though I would never know if both garments belonged to the same lady, I'd like to think so, and I will be forever thankful for her generosity. One's trash is another's treasure... This popular saying couldn't be more true. And honestly, I couldn't think of a better deal: the skirt and the sweater together costed less than 10 dollars. Some weeks later, I went back to the same store and found another mind-blowing CDG skirt. Quite frankly, it's beyond my own understanding of what luck is. :-)


  1. thanks for your comment linh! i'll for sure wear it in photos at some point - i presented it to my class like that and got all nervous hahah. good job on those insane thrift store finds, i'm always shocked when i come across serious designer stuff at my local favourite thrifting spot and somehow nobody else has grabbed it yet. we are the patient ones! xo

  2. you scored big on the game of luck (a lttile cheesy I know). great finds the balanciaga sweater is impeccable and i have to say fate worked it for it to fall into the right hands, since you look so great in it.


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