Monday, August 22, 2011

beginning of fall

Even though there's still one month left until autumn, for me, summer ends when school begins. 
Fall is my favorite season, but today nostalgia is creeping on me.
I'll let these photos of my bedroom convey my mood.


  1. You're a great photographer!

  2. beautifully captured. the sunlight really captures the nostalgia and how softly it hits it. I feel summer dwindling into days.

  3. this is really lovely, it's like the set for a movie! oh man, if only the sun actually went into my room, not literally, but even its rays are so shy. and that is why you should never have a room where all the windows face the south. hahaha.

  4. Thank you ladies for the nice feedback! :)

    cavaan: i'll remember not to have a bedroom facing south if i'm planning to move, hehe!


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