Friday, December 10, 2010

10 basics for a perfect wardrobe

Here's a list of ten basic pieces I come up with for building the perfect three-season wardrobe. Something simple and sober in terms of design that makes the experience of wearing those clothes not a fashion statement aimed towards others but a personal sensorial satisfaction which lies within the lavishness found in the natural fabrics, the quality in the craftsmanship, and most importantly, the subdued details in the garments' design (noticeable only if one takes the time to look at), which represent the brainchild of a mastermind at work who strives, season after season, to reinvent something that was already perfect and without allowing himself to stray away from that minimalist aesthetic. I guess this is what would elevate a designer to the status of visionnaire when fresh and avant-garde ideas are still continuously generated under such restrictive parameters of creation, i.e. monochromatic, clean-cut and sculptural minimalism. Honestly, with the addition of some basic camisoles, t-shirts, leggings and thin belts, I would die happy if I were to own nothing else in my closet but these ten following pieces. Amen.
Clockwise: Balenciaga round neck wool sweater, Faliero Sarti cashmere blend scarf, Nudie indigo jeans, Junya Watanabe wool cloak, Maison Margiela leather boots, YSL totebag.

Clockwise: Nudie black jeans, Alexander Wang v-neck sweater, Comme des Garçons wool skirt, Dieppa Restrepo suede brogues.


  1. i often find myself lusting for these pieces only when im in need, 4 months after my last shopping spree. lesson learned: simple is alwasys the way to go....

  2. Bravo for not spending money on clothes for 4 months! Me too I haven't shopped (in mall and normal stores) for ages. Most of my clothes are secondhand.

  3. The Maison Margiela boots are what I have been lusting for!



  4. Great and inspiring post!
    I so yearn for a scarf from faliero sarti, but they cost a fortune :(

  5. Shilpi: Those MM boots are really the kind of high heels I'm looking for too, they seem to match with everything!

    Fleurette: Thank you for your comment! I've already considered to buy the lower cost versions of the scarfs of the same brand (which don't have cashmere in it), but I still need to look up for a store in Montreal that carries them to make sure it feels right on the skin.


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