Thursday, December 30, 2010

some things never change

Garments that I've been wearing over and over again:

- Gap black wool blazer (bought more than a decade ago)
- Burberry's cashmere scarf (received as a gift more than a decade ago)
- Joan & David vintage leather loafers (thrifted)
- heart shaped silver necklace (thrifted)
- eyeglasses (the only thing I wished I could get rid off but alas I'm doomed).

blazer: gap
scarf: burberry's
dress: h&m
leggings: aa
vintage shoes: joan & david

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

grey's anatomy

Hope everyone had great time during Holidays! 

I've been slowly and steadily adding more neutral colors in my wardrobe, which is a chaotic mismatched world longing for some uniformity.
thrifted cardigan: don't know
thrifted shirt: twik
pants: h&m
shoes: vintage

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

skating rink

I didn't get to put my skates on because the ice rink wasn't ready. Though not as fast as skating, boot-sliding can be fun too, haha. The S.G. Mulberry coat was bought in a charity shop for a few dollars. Can you tell it was freezing cold?

vintage coat: s.g. mulberry
tuque: lauren by ralph lauren
scarf: lauren by ralph lauren
sweater/dress: zara
tights: hue
winter boots: la canadienne
photos by Philippe Fortin

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

in the changing room

I'm wearing a thrifted dress, which is one size too big for me, over a pair of grey tights. Luckily, a lot of minor fitting problems can be easily fixed with a thin belt around the waist. The cashmere blend tights is my most recent purchase, the only essential item that is missing from my cluttered wardrobe. Since it's an "essential" item for winter and since sales were going on in the store, I bought three pairs (two black and one grey). Let's talk about how to increase unneeded clutter in my closet and how to bust my budget, haha.

     This season, I'm seriously thinking about giving my poor skinny black pants a well-deserved vacation because I've been abusively wearing them non-stop ever since I bought them last spring. Hailed from god-knows-where emergent asian country, then adopted by a prosperous swedish family who sells their adoptive babies for little money, those extremely versatile skinny pants end up working their butt off and putting themselves at high risk of burnout just for the sake of making me look good and stylish. Meanwhile, I'm turning into one lazy wannabe fashionista who doesn't put more thoughts on finding new ways of styling my clothes. I definitely want to come up with more exciting and challenging outfits than a plain top paired with black skinny pants. I do love simplicity but there is such a thin line between simplicity and being plain boring. I rather not cross that line if given the choice...
dress: zara
leather belt: vintage
tights: hue
satchel bag: mouflon
suede leather winter boots: la canadienne
photos by Philippe Fortin

Monday, December 20, 2010

grunge & glory

This fashion editorial was shot by Steven Meisel in 1992 for the December issue of Vogue USA. That makes it eighteen years old, but nonetheless relevant and inspiring.
     I've always found the characters in this fashion spread looking so damn intriguing and beautiful! Just like Charles Beaudelaire famous quote: "Le beau est toujours bizarre.", the models' expressionless face looking into the photographer's camera with an almost defiant-like stare, their imperfect facial features revealed by unforgivable harsh daylight, exposing creases in cheekbones, eyebrows and forehead, their body drown in layers of odd fabrics... are not your typical criteria of what beauty should be. And yet I find myself unable not to stare back at them, finding endless beauty in what I see (regardless that they are actually supermodels and would look good no matter what).
     Style wise, I love the way the clothes, here, are thrown together with such carelessness. Without having necessarily the same kind of clothes for myself, I would definitely try to transpose this effortless styling mindset into my everyday outfits. How I wished I could own a nice pair of black leather combat boots and a flower print long dress though!
Vogue USA
December 1992
Photos by Steven Meisel
(Scans by me)

Friday, December 17, 2010

martine fait ses courses - part 2

I'm officially on vacation now! Here are the scans of the remaining part of the children book as promised. Now that free time is not a rare luxury for me, I'll find the courage to clean up my ultra messy bedroom where all the spaces have been plagued with the STACKS disease: stack of clothes, stack of dirty laundry, stack of books, stack of unsorted papers and bills, stack of magazines, stack of coffee mugs, stack of shopping bags, and so on... quite scary and embarrassing when comes the time for me to try taking some decent indoor outfit photos for this blog. That explains why I haven't done that many...

     Have a great weekend everyone and since a lot of people will be doing their Christmas shopping, please shop wisely and may the force be with you to not succumb to impulsive purchases! ;)

(click on the thumbnails to see the high resolution version)

"Martine fait ses courses"
Published by Casterman
Text by Gilbert Delahaye
Illustrations by Marcel Marlier
(Scans by me)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a vintage coat with a perfect fit

This cute 1960s A-line vintage coat could be considered one of my best finds. Most of the time, vintage coats from charity shops are too big for me but this one fits me well like it was especially hand-tailored for my body. It's just roomy enough to layer a wide variety of clothes underneath according to the climate. Versatility is key when having to deal with a four-season climate and if there's one thing I can do to avoid over-consumption, it's to make sure that my clothes can me worn all year long instead of having a different set of clothes for each season. A three-season wardrobe is probably more realistic since summer and its high temperatures could be quite limitative sometimes. As I am looking at these pictures while writing this post, I can't believe how alien it feels to see green grass because everywhere around me is now covered with snow. This winter's going to be a long one, I'm afraid.
photos by Philippe Fortin

Monday, December 13, 2010

martine fait ses courses - part 1

Today's post is a departure from the rock'n roll's fashionable "trashiness" found in the previous one. Here's a vintage children illustrated book printed in 1964 from the well-known publisher Casterman. Flipping through the pages is like going back in time... How wonderful it is to discover a shopping experience set in the sixties!

     A glimpse of the cute drawings gives a realistic idea of the fashion style that had characterized the women of that specific time. The artist behind these illustrations successfully captured the essence of an era defined by polished manners and tastes. Judging by this book, it looks like women in the past put a good amount of effort to have incredibly great looking hairstyles too. It's a shame it's no longer an usual habit to go out with our hair perfectly well-groomed (mine is a DISASTER), except for a handful of elderly ladies whom I come across sometimes and who look pretty much like the young ladies presented here but only now their hair are silver-white.

     Though only half of the book is shown here, I hope you'll enjoy this blast from the past! I'll scan the remaining part later on this week. One more school's assignment and exam to focus on and I'm done for this semester!

 (click on the thumbnails to see the high resolution version)
"Martine fait ses courses"
Published by Casterman
Text by Gilbert Delahaye
Illustrations by Marcel Marlier
(Scans by me)