Wednesday, November 17, 2010

such a long text for such a short shorts

The other week, I bought these high waisted shorts in a charity shop for two dollars. It's less than that actually, but I'll come back later on that matter. They are from Foxy Jeans Co., and look pretty decent to me. To tell you the truth, I'm quite happy to have found them considering the fact that I wanted to buy a pair of hight waisted skinny jeans since this summer.

     Well huh... a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts are totally different in terms of length some might notice. Indeed, that's a very good observation. But length is a trivial detail in this case. What's important is the high waisted part. Getting to experiment this particular look and to live in these less-than-two-bucks-decent-looking high waisted shorts beforehand might prevent me from spending on a pair of cute but OVERPRICED (read American Apparel) high waisted skinny jeans that could end up getting not enough love from me.

     So last sunday was exactly what I did, going forward with the attempt to come up with one or two outfits that includes my Foxy high waisted shorts. By the way, the tops used in this styling experiment seem to have the same genes as the garments found in families like A.P.C., Alexander Wang, Acne, etc. Alas! They are just poor (very poor) relatives trying to mimic their much (very much) prettier distant (very distant) cousins.

     Conclusion of my experiment: these shorts turn out to be surprisingly outstanding and the fit is quite flattering for my almost nonexistent hips. Even though they are super shorts, I don't find them trashy since the fabric's color is dark blue, providing a more clean and sophisticated look (as opposed to the light wash destroy mini shorts that I like to wear during summertime). Worn with black leggings, the dark colours also blend together, thus giving an impression of longer legs. Mine are not long at all. Therefore, any well-defined delimitation with contrasting colours can mercilessly restore me back into shorty-muscle-legged wannabe fashionista.

     I am almost certain that I have never worn shorts during winter time, but with a warm thick black wool tights, I'll definitely give it a try this winter! Now, back to the cost of my new purchase: it did cost me a big two dollars at the store, BUT days later, when the shorts had been finally washed and dried... I then discovered a toonie deep down in the right front pocket! How more convenient could this be? On the other hand, it felt almost wrong since they were bought from a charity shop. This toonie just canceled my good action...

NB: My friend helped me for the pictures, this is why the lighting look so awesome and professional!

Outfit #1
silk blouse: vintage

Outfit #2
blouse: MaxStudio Co.
cardigan: Jacob

Outfit #3
tunic blouse: vintage
heart shaped necklace: vintage

Credits: photos by Philippe Fortin

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