Monday, November 29, 2010

green forest

There was no green color to be found in my wardrobe. But that was before I decided to buy this vintage knitted sweater which shows some similarities with Missoni's stripes. I'm kind of puzzled by the fact that I don't own anything green because I do like this shade a lot. It exudes vitality and it reminds me how I love being surrounded by nature's beautiful green landscapes.

sweater - vintage
cardigan - thrifted
skinny pants - h&m
loafers - vintage joan&david
necklace - vintage


  1. oooh way cute sweater. i've been turning green lately, teal green haha.

  2. Thank you!

    You mean your skin is turning green? Then maybe you work too hard, it's time for vacation, lol! ... But then, I won't be able to see your amazing photography work. I'm such big of fan of your blog! xx

  3. I like this, and the loafers are v. nice, so comfy chic ^_^

    and Re the Doc Martens Diva boots, I think they are fairly comfortable once broken in (like all Doc Martens shoes they need about a week's wear), and this is coming from someone who NEVER wear heels.

  4. Thx! I love Docs as they are usually comfortable. I'll wait for Xmas sales and see if I can get my hands on a pair. ;-)

  5. that green sweater is the meanning of this life, be green for vitality and come cheap for the wallet.

  6. Great blog! I can't believe you have found such good looking skinny jeans in H&M!

  7. Liids: The fit is indeed amazing and very comfortable too. They weren't expensive at all, so I bought two pairs of them. :)


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