Sunday, November 7, 2010

i'm not alone, i'm just on my own

In my previous blogging attempt, I tried to squeeze two interests I love, vintage items and fashion, into one single blog. I didn't like the outcome because it lacks consistency. Beside, I also want something more sincere and personal. This is why I'm starting over with this blog. Dedicated strictly to fashion, this blog will be a space where I can write and ramble about something as trivial as my eternal struggle with clothes and style WITHOUT feeling guilty about its potential superficiality.

     So what now? Well, well, well... (intense head scratching)... As a first post, I think it's a good idea to share my story on how I got hooked on things like fashion. See, I was stopped on the street, and then a scout jumped out of his car to asked me if I was a model... OK, I'm just kidding, haha!. That's Freja Beha Erichsen's story, not mine. You can watch her telling the story in the short but excellent interview I included at the end of this post. And to set the facts straight, I'm a zillion MILESTONES far from looking like a model, ESPECIALLY exquisite Freja. Back down to Earth now, my fascination for fashion started simply with me, as a young and innocent girl, stumbling onto an editorial spread from Harper's Bazaar magazine. Those particular photos were a real revelation to the novice me! I even took the time to scan the pages so that people can see them. I know, I'm a kind person.

     Shot by Patrick Demarchelier, this fashion spread is a succession of monochrome and color photographies of Nadja Auermann and Cecilia Chancellor wearing simple and pretty make-up. Their angel-like face is perfectly framed (almost in an austere way) with ultra long and straight hair parted in the middle. The clothes: only solid black or white. Sometimes jazzed up with stripes, leather or lace, but the silhouette is always minimal, clean, light and elegant.

     I find it as a whole very bright, peaceful, and soft. Following the mood of "less is more", the styling is not outrageously complicated too. With all the means that the fashion industry possesses, it's almost a challenge not to go overboard. The team behind this editorial really did a great job. No wonder why, so many years ago, their work triggered such a deep fascination towards fashion for me. That same fascination has never extinguished ever since.


***DISCLAIMER***   If you like these and future scanned images found on my blog, and if you want to use them for personal and non commercial purposes, feel free to do so. But please, do not forget to credit their original artists. And linking the images to my blog would be very much appreciated since it takes a hell lot of time for me to scan them one by one with a cheap scanner. CHEAP SCANNER = EXTRA WORK in Photoshop, i.e. cropping, reorienting, reframing, resizing, etc. Thank you for your understanding! :-)

Harper's Bazaar Magazine
March 1993
Photos by Patrick Demarchelier
(Scans by me)


An interview with Freja, one of the most cool and inspiring model in the fashion industry.

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