Sunday, November 21, 2010

comme des garçons - part II

I haven't posted anything related to this designer label yet, then why is there a "part II" without even having a "part I"? This is because I managed to find not one, but TWO Comme des Garçons skirts, both at the same local thrift store on a different day!!! I must have been very good with my prayers to the Goddess of Thrifts & Vintage whom I venerate daily. Forget about Santa Claus, he can eat his cookie and retired now! ;-) So, here's the second one of the two CDG skirts I managed to dig out:
     Isn't it goooooorgeous? I think I slipped out a swear word when I had it in my hands and saw "JUNYA WATANABE Comme des Garçons" printed in white on a black label. Right after, another profanity came out of my mouth when I realized the skirt is size SMALL, because THAT'S MY SIZE! I couldn't get luckier, not even in a store like H&M... I mean, last time, for the special CDG x H&M special edition, the garments I wanted was either out of stock, either not my size. And when I get to think about it, those so-called "designer limited editions" from H&M are rarely up to my expectations in terms of design, and their craftsmanship hardly measures up to the original high fashion label. It's just all hype; at the end of a long day waiting in line and pushing fanatic fashionistas, all you got is still and only a product from H&M. No matter how limited the edition is, let's not forget that H&M is a worldwide mass-production chain store.

    Getting back to the object of my affection, I can testify that the design is absolutely BRILLIANT! It looks like Watanabe took a trenchcoat and decided to transformed it into an avant-garde skirt without the tackiness that sometimes come with unfamiliar designs. At first sight, the skirt seems chaotic with the deconstruction and its 9 black buttons and 12 buttonholes. But I suspect that theses buttons and holes are cleverly place in order for the person who's wearing it to button them up in different ways, varying the skirt's shape, volume and length. That's utterly CREATIVE and INGENIOUS from the designer! I wish I knew which season's collection this skirt belongs to... If someone could inform me, please do so, I'll be very happy to know!
Credits: photos by Philippe Fortin


  1. AMAZING! This is one of the best finds I have ever seen! I can't remember what collection it is from but if you check out I'm sure you will be able to find out.

    Et merci beaucoup pour votre message en français!

  2. Thank you for your tip! I'll take a look on the website. Et de rien pour le français, lol! Écrire en anglais est un moyen pour moi d'améliorer cette langue, mais sinon, je suis beaucoup plus à l'aise dans la langue de Molière. ;-)


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