Tuesday, November 30, 2010

scarlett johansson

She's everything that I'm not. And this is what makes her beauty even more fascinating...

Vogue USA
April 2007
Photos by Craig McDean
(via touchpuppet)

Monday, November 29, 2010

green forest

There was no green color to be found in my wardrobe. But that was before I decided to buy this vintage knitted sweater which shows some similarities with Missoni's stripes. I'm kind of puzzled by the fact that I don't own anything green because I do like this shade a lot. It exudes vitality and it reminds me how I love being surrounded by nature's beautiful green landscapes.

sweater - vintage
cardigan - thrifted
skinny pants - h&m
loafers - vintage joan&david
necklace - vintage

Sunday, November 28, 2010

discovering tamaryn

A friend of mine suggested me to listen to Tamaryn's Love Fade. He knew that I would love it because he's aware that I'm a huge fan of Cocteau Twins (disbanded since 1996). And he was so right about this! Indeed, Tamaryn's music does remind me of Cocteau Twins' with that ethereal build-up wall of sound they are known for. It got me hooked right on, and it's hard to describe the feeling I get when I listen to music of this kind. All I can say is that it makes me smile and engulfs me with a sense of well-being. Their videos are visually interesting too, giving me another reason to keep an eye on their work.

I have also included in this post a video from the Cocteau Twins so you can see the similarities between them in sound and artistic direction:

Cocteau Twins - Crushed

Tamaryn - Love Fade

Tamaryn - Dawning

Friday, November 26, 2010

comfortably simple

     This past week, I've been wearing my newly found vintage Wrangler denim shirt. The copper color snap-fasteners, the pointed pocket flaps and that particular blue denim shade are little details from a past era that give this vintage shirt its retro look.

     Okay... granted that mine is not as oversized or cool as hers, and granted that I don't have gorgeous long red hair, I still manage to enjoy this laid back look outfit. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. Therefore, having this shirt on my body gives me a sense of coziness that some of my more modern clothes fail to provide.

denim shirt - vintage Wrangler
skinny pants - H&M
backpack - vintage
soft suede boots - vintage

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cupcake camp 2010

Last Sunday, I went to an event called "Cupcake Camp Montreal". It's a volunteer-run event and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the charities. I must tell it attracted a big crowd of people because within the hotel where the event was held, there was a huge line-up up to the street outside. Cupcakes have never been my kind of thing. Cute as a button, my relation with them is more of an exciting visual experience than a tasty food experience. But this time, I have to admit that I ate some really yummy stuff!

Though it's not fashion related, I thought I'd share them here. After all, eating/buying/baking cupcakes can easily fall into the category of fashionable things to do. ;-)

Along with four other girls, my friend made these cupcakes as a donation to the event. I can't help but laugh every time I see her cute sheep-cupcake design. Her crazy ideas are always impressive!

My friend's cupcakes:

During the event, cupcakes to choose from:

Cupcakes listed for the best design competition:

It wasn't easy but I managed to chose six cupcakes out of this "cupcake land's" EPIC selection!

Monday, November 22, 2010

behind the veil

Vaporous she stands
On her own but not quite alone
In between, a thin veil
Separates a frail body
From hundred thousands of hands
Acclaiming the rise of a star
So who's the person behind this veil? Her name is Faye Wong. And she is THE style icon of Asia. Even if people don't agree with me, she still is THE style icon of Asia. End of discussion. ;-)

     When it comes to Faye Wong, I get totally emotional and irrational. I just can't help it. She's the only star I've been looking up to her since I was twelve. She is the "Justin Bieber" of my teenage years, but don't get me wrong on that: I don't mean that I fancied her, neither I wanted to marry her nor have her baby(!)... It only means that I would go COMPLETELY crazy, teary, and hyperventilating to the point of fainting if I ever happened to see her live, in flesh and blood! Unfortunately for me, leaving on the wrong continent prevented me from pulling a "Justin Bieber's fan" on her. Maybe I should rephrase my last sentence... FORTUNATELY (for her, and for my own reputation), living on the wrong continent prevented me from pulling a "Justin Bieber's fan" on her.

     Known as the Mandopop queen of Asia, Faye Wong's voice is graceful, soft, melodic, and above all, fully mastered to give even to the lamest love song ballad a quality that can reach out the most heart-hardened listener's emotions (except for my boyfriend who finds her songs tacky...Whatever...). Her beautiful voice is really what captivated me right in the beginning. In an era where looks is primordial to the staying power of a rising star, thankfully, Faye Wong also got that! Not only does she stand tall, slim and charismatic on-stage, she's also granted with a tasteful fashion sense that, combined with her musical talent, works magic in order to collect hords of die-hard fans among asian and oversea's countries.

     Now at forty-one (it's incredible how she still looks like she's in her early 30's!), the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, she's making a comeback after a five-years career hiatus, to the great contentment of her faithful fans. Five years is such a loooooooooong time when I get to think about it... That was in 2005... Youtube was merely known, Facebook was on its way to sign-up more than 500 millions active users, and Lady Gaga hasn't yet taken the world of entertainment to the level of "questionable" taste... So in my opinion, five years is a long period, especially for a desperate fan like me. Earlier this month, she held a serie of concerts in Beijing and right now, another serie of concerts started in Shanghai. Honestly, from the photos and videos I've seen on the web, I'm so happy that a lot of efforts had been put into the visual and fashion direction and conception, reaffirming once again her style icon status. Let's cross our fingers that her new music material will be on its way sooner than later!

My favorite photos of her Beijing 2010 concert in which you can see Faye Wong sporting fabulous looks related to the change of seasons:
Backstage all in white

Perched up high on a phoenix platform
Pastel colours and lightweight fabrics for a Summer look
Autumn with gorgeous details
Winter look (rebirth from seed)
For this scene effect, there was a gigantic 60° inclined mirror on stage. Absolutely magical! A set-up by the talented Wong Kar Wai.
Everything is to die for... the cape, the cropped top, the skirt and the knee high leather boots (that you can't see here).
Make-up done by Hong-Kong based make-up artist, Zing. Also a long-time friend of Faye Wong.
Photos via CN News, Faye Wong Today, All About Ah Faye Forum

Sunday, November 21, 2010

comme des garçons - part II

I haven't posted anything related to this designer label yet, then why is there a "part II" without even having a "part I"? This is because I managed to find not one, but TWO Comme des Garçons skirts, both at the same local thrift store on a different day!!! I must have been very good with my prayers to the Goddess of Thrifts & Vintage whom I venerate daily. Forget about Santa Claus, he can eat his cookie and retired now! ;-) So, here's the second one of the two CDG skirts I managed to dig out:
     Isn't it goooooorgeous? I think I slipped out a swear word when I had it in my hands and saw "JUNYA WATANABE Comme des Garçons" printed in white on a black label. Right after, another profanity came out of my mouth when I realized the skirt is size SMALL, because THAT'S MY SIZE! I couldn't get luckier, not even in a store like H&M... I mean, last time, for the special CDG x H&M special edition, the garments I wanted was either out of stock, either not my size. And when I get to think about it, those so-called "designer limited editions" from H&M are rarely up to my expectations in terms of design, and their craftsmanship hardly measures up to the original high fashion label. It's just all hype; at the end of a long day waiting in line and pushing fanatic fashionistas, all you got is still and only a product from H&M. No matter how limited the edition is, let's not forget that H&M is a worldwide mass-production chain store.

    Getting back to the object of my affection, I can testify that the design is absolutely BRILLIANT! It looks like Watanabe took a trenchcoat and decided to transformed it into an avant-garde skirt without the tackiness that sometimes come with unfamiliar designs. At first sight, the skirt seems chaotic with the deconstruction and its 9 black buttons and 12 buttonholes. But I suspect that theses buttons and holes are cleverly place in order for the person who's wearing it to button them up in different ways, varying the skirt's shape, volume and length. That's utterly CREATIVE and INGENIOUS from the designer! I wish I knew which season's collection this skirt belongs to... If someone could inform me, please do so, I'll be very happy to know!
Credits: photos by Philippe Fortin